Animated Photo Slideshow: Petting Zoo

Thrill Valley, Yelagiri is an adventure sports destination. It also includes the unique ‘Petting Zoo’ where, instead of just watching animals, one can touch, lift and caress them! I made an animated slideshow with photos taken at this Petting Zoo during our recent trip to Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India.

In this slideshow, I focused on cutting an image into a few parts and animating the individual parts in different ways. I also used a few animated characters (animals and humans) at the end to drive the point that animals too need the love & affection of people and they should not be caged behind the bars all the time (as it happens in conventional zoos).

Hope you liked this animated photo slideshow. Have a look at the home page if you want a similar animated photo slideshow created with your photos taken during a special occasion. 

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